Why Blink

Focusing on your safety

At Blink, safety is built into all our operations from the ground up. We have put into place operating practices, technology and training that deliver the highest safety standards in the industry.

Most people extol the virtues of their safety regimes and programmes. We embody them.

  • Do you know the background, qualifications, and training regime of the pilots flying you?
  • Do you know how old the aircraft are that you are flying on?
  • Do you know who maintains the aircraft and to what standard?
  • Why would you want to put yourself, your family, or your colleagues and friends in a position where you didn’t know the answer to those questions?

The training and qualification of our pilots, our aircraft and its maintenance regime, the robustness of our operations, and a safety first decision making process embody Blink commitment to safety.

As one of the most well-funded air taxi companies, we have the commitment and the resources to ensure safety is always the first priority. Blink follows procedures and policies that are airline grade. When it comes to your safety, anything less would be unacceptable.


Blink flies to over 600 destinations across Europe. Find the most convenient airport for your journey with our Airport Locator.

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