Why Blink

Discover the benefits of Blinking

Improved efficiency

The terminals at major airline hubs steal hours of your valuable time. Queues at check-in, inefficient security procedures, and delays reclaiming baggage ensure an inefficient experience. With Blink, you arrive 15 minutes before you take off. On arrival, your pilots will help you to disembark immediately, ensuring a smooth and efficient process with no unnecessary delays.

Condense a day trip into a morning. Realistically plan to visit more than one European city in a day. Start in London, fly to Paris, travel on to Stuttgart and drop into Antwerp on the way home – such journeys are usually impossible if you travel with commercial airlines. With Blink, the possibilities are endless.

Increased convenience

Wasting time in traffic jams on the way to congested commercial hubs always gets the day off to an inefficient start. After your flight, a long car journey usually awaits. Take advantage of Blink’s European network of over 600 airports and chose the airports that are closest to your point of departure and your final destination ensuring you minimise transfer times at every stage of your trip.

Commercial timetables mean you often arrive too late or leave too early to facilitate an effective working day. With Blink, you create the flight schedule around your specific needs. Do you need to be somewhere and back in a day, or even a morning? No problem. Imagine the cost savings made by not having to pay for overnight accommodation and the convenience of getting back to your office as quickly as possible or home in time for dinner with your family.

Maximised flexibility

Sometimes situations dictate that you need to act fast. You need to be somewhere else – now. Spontaneous necessity does not fit easily with rigid commercial airline schedules. By the time you arrive, the opportunity has evaporated or the problem has intensified. If you need a flight at short notice, especially if your destination is not close to a major airport, then Blink could be the only viable solution, providing maximum flexibility at a price that makes sense.

Imagine that you are already on a Blink flight, or part way through a multi-city day trip, when you receive information that dictates that your itinerary needs to change – that important client is no longer in Paris but Bordeaux instead. Blink is flexible enough to accommodate last minute changes of plan. Our Flight Services team and your pilots will collaborate to effect the change as efficiently as possible.

Enhanced productivity

Spending less time travelling and more time working has immediate and positive effects on productivity. The ability to visit multiple locations in a day or return to the office without the need for an overnight stay increase the opportunity for profitable activity. The reduction in travel-induced stress and fatigue put Blink passengers in a more productive frame of mind. Onboard a Blink jet, the cabin is designed to be conducive to work – your Boardroom in the Sky™.

On a commercial flight, even a business class cabin can inhibit productive work. Interruptions and noise limit conversation and break concentration. The possibility for confidential discussion is non-existent. On a quiet Blink jet, those in your party are the only passengers, making conversation easy and allowing private conversations to remain just that. The calm environment is laptop-ready with pull-out tables and a 12v power supply – enabling you to make the most of your journey.

Upgraded comfort

Representing the next generation of aviation technology, Blink’s fleet of jets provides a breakthrough combination of speed, safety and quiet-cabin comfort. Onboard, the attention to detail, materials and craftsmanship are comparable to the interior of an executive car.

The six large windows and two-facing-two, club-style seating arrangement enhance the cabin’s spaciousness, while the seats cradle passengers in deep-cushioned leather. The cabin’s size facilitates easy movement around the aircraft and the refreshment centre provides access to serve-yourself snacks and drinks. Should the need arise, there is an onboard toilet.


Blink flies to over 600 destinations across Europe. Find the most convenient airport for your journey with our Airport Locator.

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