Why Blink

Get closer to where you want to go

How far can a Blink take you?

The simple answer is almost anywhere in Europe. The advanced nature of Blink's fleet enables you to access smaller, less crowded airports that may have previously been unable to accommodate jet aircraft. You now have over 600 European airports to choose from, allowing you to pick locations that are convenient to your final destination. This saves you both time and money by eliminating the hassle of flying through overcrowded commercial hubs and the subsequent long journeys to where you actually want to go.

One day, many destinations

Same-day, multiple destination itineraries are now an achievable reality. You can Blink between any combination of destinations and still be home the same evening. This removes the requirement for overnight accommodation meaning you can be back at your desk the next day, doing something more productive than waiting for your scheduled flight home.

In comparison to flying with commercial airlines, our 600 + destination network enables direct flights between locations that previously involved connecting flights. For example, with commercial airlines, it is impossible to fly directly from Shannon, in the Republic of Ireland, to Luxembourg without an inconvenient connection stop. With Blink, this journey becomes a straightforward 2.5-hour flight.

Airport locator

Visit our airport locator to explore our airports and search for the one closest to your destination. You can also contact our Flight Services Team who will be able to assist you.



Blink flies to over 600 destinations across Europe. Find the most convenient airport for your journey with our Airport Locator.

Click here to search by address or airport name, or to simply browse by country.

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