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Access to Central London just got easier…

50% off London City Landing Fees in June

At Blink we realise time is money.  Unfortunately up to now, access to London City Airport and the doorstep of London’s Business District has attracted quite a steep price premium.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with London City Airport Jet Centre to offer Blink passengers a 50% discount on landing and handling fees for any flight taking place in June.

This results in a saving of over £1,000 at peak times, and £600 at off-peak times compared to our normal London City fares.

So what are you waiting for? Book your flight into London City and get straight to business.


  • This offer amounts to 50% off Landing and Handling fees, a saving of £1,000 over a peak movement, and £600 on an off-peak movement
  • This offer is only valid for flights taking place from 1st June to 30th June 2013 inclusive
  • 50% discount applies to only the landing & handling fees, and not to the entire flight cost
  • Offer is subject to availability of aircraft and crew at the time of booking
Please contact Blink Flight Services to book or learn more about this special offer.

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Phone: +44 (0)20 7199 1400 or +41 (0)22 592 75 77


Kick off with Blink

Update: This special offer has expired
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Blink to the Champions League and Europa League Group Stages

We’re offering special fares to the 2012-13 season Champions League and Europa League group stages. With Manchester United & Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool and Newcastle all competing for the most sought-after pieces of silverware in Europe, the season is hotting up!

Don’t miss any of the action, get there in style on your personal Blink Jet, and return the following morning.

Game Date Departing From Arriving Into Price
FC Nordsjaelland v Chelsea 02 Oct (EGLK/BBS) (EKCH/CPH) £7,150
Ajax v Manchester City 24 Oct (EGCC/MAN) (EHAM/AMS) £6,600
NK Maribor v Tottenham 25 Oct (EGLK/BBS) (LJMB/MBX) £8,500
Schalke 04 v Arsenal 06 Nov (EGLK/BBS) (EDDL/DUS) £5,000
Club Bruges v Newcastle 08 Nov (EGNT/NCL) (EBOS/OST) £7,500
Juventus v Chelsea 20 Nov (EGLK/BBS) (LIMF/TRN) £6,200
Lazio v Tottenham 22 Nov (EGLK/BBS) (LIRA/CIA) £8,750
Borussia Dortmund v Man. City 04 Dec (EGLK/BBS) (EDLW/DTM) £7,000
Bordeaux – Newcastle 06 Dec (EGNT/NCL) (LFBD/BOD) £10,000
Udinese v Liverpool 06 Dec (EGGP/LPL) (LIPQ/TRS) £10,500


  • Fares are valid only from the airports above for up to one-night return trips.
  • Total price includes all landing and handling fees and overnight charges where applicable.
  • Fares are valid for departure on the dates above, returning the following day.
  • Fares do not include tickets or transport to any games or stadium.
  • Fares are valid during standard airport opening hours. Requests that fall outside standard airport opening hours may be subject to extension fees or additional overnight charges, which are not included
  • All fares are subject to availability of aircraft and crew at the time of booking
  • Fuel stops may be required on some routes, depending upon passenger load
Please contact Blink Flight Services to book or learn more about this special offer.

Online: Complete this form

Phone: +44 (0)20 7199 1400 or +41 (0)22 592 75 77


Blink opens new headquarters at Blackbushe Airport

We’ve recently moved into our new offices at Blackbushe Airport.  Blackbushe is conveniently located about 45 minutes from central London. It is easily reachable by either train or car.

Just a few miles from Farnborough, Blackbushe offers extended weekend opening hours, and is a cost effective alternate to other London Airports.

Small and discrete, at Blackbushe you can be in the air just minutes after arriving at the airport.

Why not come down and see for yourself?  Our Flight Services team will be more than happy to show you around our new home.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Festive Greetings from all at Blink

We would like to thank everyone who has helped make 2010 the most successful year yet for Blink.  The entire Blink team wishes you, your friends and your family a wonderful holiday season and a happy, healthy 2011.

Enjoy a little holiday message from Blink (which we suggest you watch in full screen mode):

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To celebrate Blink’s 1,000th fan on Facebook, we’re offering one lucky fan the opportunity to Blink for free!

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Join our active community of users and enthusiasts on Facebook. Share your favourite Blink memory and browse all our photos and videos of the Blink jets in their travels throughout Europe.  Our Facebook page is also a great way to learn about our lastest fare sales, special offers, and Last Minute Deals.

Free Last Minute Deal

Everyday, we offer last minute flights for as little as £250.  These “Last Minute Deals” or “LMDs” provide an exceptional way to fly on a private jet for less than the price of a commercial business class ticket.  We post our LMDs on our website (, our Facebook page (, and our Twitter page (@flyblink).

For one lucky winner, they will have the choice of any of our LMDs for free.  To enter, simply Like Blink on Facebook. The first 1,000 fans will be entered into a draw to win an LMD of their choice.

Terms and conditions:
> Only the first 1,000 fans will be entered to the draw, of which one winner will be picked at random.
> The draw will be made once the Blink Facebook page ( reaches 1,000 fans.
> The winner will be notified by message to their Facebook account and their name anounced on the Blink Facebook page.
> The prize consists of one flight onboard a Blink Jet from a selection of LMDs.  A maximum of 4 passengers can travel, depending on the route.
> The flight must be taken by 31 December 2010.
> The flight is a one-way journey.  All taxes, insurances, transfers, spending money and other expenses, unless specifically stated, are the sole responsibility of the prize-winner.
> Each person is permitted one entry.  The lead passenger’s name must match that of the winning Facebook account holder.
> If a schedule change occurs that requires a time change of the Last Minute Flight, then the winner will be given the opportunity to reschedule the flight or select a different LMD.  If a schedule change occurs that cancels the Last Minute Flight, then the offer will be withdrawn and the winner shall have the opportunity to select a different LMD.
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Summer in the Skies

This summer has been the busiest yet for Blink.  We’ve flown to all the corners of Europe, and set up summer bases in the the south of France, Sardinia, and the Balaerics to better serve your flight requests.  Our crew have been snapping away everywhere they go, which allows us to share with you some of the views you can enjoy at 41,000 feet onboard Blink.

Click on any of the images to find out more about where they were taken.

Interview with Blink’s Director of Flight Operations and Chief Pilot

Building Team Blink

In January 2008, the first employee of Blink started work. The first task was to build the team of staff that would manage the fleet of 30 aircraft Blink had ordered. Two and a half years later Blink has 7 aircraft in the fleet, and 40 employees. Captain Dougie Gass, Blink’s Chief Pilot and Director of Flight Operations, reflects on his wealth of experience from his career at British Airways, and how he set about building the team at Blink.

You were the first Blink employee. What was it like joining Blink on day 1?

On the day I joined Blink in January 2008, the Blink office was in Bishopsgate, and it was, I recall, on the small side of small! My feelings and thoughts however, were anything but small. It was the most exciting day, and the thoughts of the coming months, and the building of the team that would become the backbone of Blink Flight Operations, made me think on a grand scale. There was so much to do, and the days were full of vision. It made me think how simple and straightforward my recent times at BA had been, and how exciting the following months would be by comparison. I was right, it was exciting, it was a challenge, and it still is.

What does the Director of Flight Operations do?

Very broadly, he ensures safe, stable and efficient aircraft operations within the Flight Ops department. Also, that all operations comply with the requirements of the regulatory body. This includes the coordinating of all Blink flight operations; ensuring that all Blink aircraft are operated according to their manuals, and using the correct SOP’s; pilot recruitment, categorising new airports and determining their suitability for Blink operations. He has ultimate responsibility for all manuals. In all, he is responsible for, and oversees the Blink flight operations.

You’ve described the Blink Jet – the Cessna Citation Mustang – as making the 747-400 look steam driven. What do you mean?

The 747-400 is a fantastic aircraft, and BA took delivery of the first few in 1989; in fact it was one of Blink’s Captains that flew one of the first ones back from Seattle. That was over 20 years ago. The Mustang, being a new model aircraft, has taken full advantage of the many advances in technology. It is fitted with the latest Garmin G1000 glass cockpit, which manages the instrument and engine displays, the autopilot and the flight guidance systems. It also has fabulous navigation displays, with great visual displays which enhance situational awareness, and is the core of the cockpit that does make the 400 look ‘steam driven’.

What has been the most challenging part of transitioning from British Airways’ most senior 747 training captain to the Director of Flight Operations at Blink?

Flying such a long career within BA is something of which I remain very proud and have great memories of. I believe that over that long career, I learned much about people, their standards and behaviour, and their direct effect and contribution to flight safety. It was a great challenge to bring those same ‘best practices’ and introduce them into Blink’s operation, but it has been a pleasure doing it. Thinking back, within BA, I now realise how much support I had, both in the training environment, and with line flying, it was nice being spoiled! During the start up of Blink, I had to learn many new skills, including IT, admin and adjusting to the office environment, all of which presented their own challenges. The most important and significant challenge has been to build the team that works well together, and that will ensure the success of Blink.

When you recruit pilots, what talents and skills do you seek? What makes a Blink pilot?

I enjoy the recruitment process. I have learned over my career that the pilots who enjoy the greatest success, among other things, are the best team players. People who are aware of, and consider; other people’s needs, as well as their own. Someone who can stay ‘ahead of the game.’ So, what do I look for when recruiting new pilots? Excellent qualifications are an obvious pre requisite, together with the necessary flying skills; but I also try to select the very best people, who are team players, and ones with the best people skills. After all, Blink pilots are, not only pilots, but also front line, on the day managers, promoters of sales, who are hugely involved in customer care, and ambassadors for Blink. We need all rounders, we need the very best.

What has been more your significant accomplishment at Blink?

Being part of the team that worked towards, and were granted Blink’s AOC in 2009 was certainly a great achievement; and one of which all who were involved are very proud. I personally consider one of the very significant accomplishments to be every time I sit on the flight deck of a Mustang and I take part in an operation that I consider to be of ‘world standard’. I am very proud of our aircraft operation and the first class use of Blink Standard Operating Procedures, by all of our aircrew.

How do you relax?

I am keen on many forms of sport. Golf is one of my favourites, and having taken a short sabbatical from it, as Blink was formed and grew, I again enjoy time at my club Wentworth, as I try to get my game back in some kind of order. I support my local Rugby club, Bracknell, as well as my beloved Manchester United, who I love to watch whenever able. Other forms of relaxation for me include gardening and cooking at my home in Ascot.

What excites you most about flying?

Having started my flying career in 1970, it is difficult for me to think of flying, after 39 years at the controls, as exciting; but the fact is, I do. I am fortunate, in that I now take the opportunity to fly our Mustangs more often than when we were establishing Blink. The flying part is still the best part of the job for any pilot, and it is no different for me. Unlike in the airlines, we fly to and visit many new airfields, all with their own challenges, and in our case, with some fabulous new views, such as Samedan and Lugano. Yes, and I am very grateful for the fact, it is still exciting.

Blink Agenda – Summer/Autumn 2010

Take a peek at the latest issue of the Blink quarterly agenda featuring our pick of the most interesting and glamorous events taking place across our European destination network. We will show how to Blink there and from time to time offer special promotions including limousines, hotel services and villa accommodation.

A stylish A5-size takeaway, the Blink Agenda should be a useful desktop reference for those with little time and a big sense of adventure.

Interview with Blink’s HR Manager

Looking after the family

Key to the success of any business is it’s ability to look after those who dedicate each day to delivering the company’s vision. Blink started with two people building a business plan around a kitchen table. Four years later, Blink employs 40 people with a vast array of skills, shift patterns, working locations, and family lives to consider.

Clare Silcock, Blink’s HR Manager, talks about the challenges of maintaining the family atmosphere in an ever-growing organisation.

What attracted you to Blink?

I loved the idea of working for a Company with an exciting product and which was right at the beginning of start-up phase- Plenty for an HR Manager to get stuck into. The enthusiasm of Cameron and Peter was infectious as soon as I met them and I felt very excited about working for 2 people who had a real belief in, and passion for the business.

How is Blink different to your previous HR job?

I was very lucky to have worked for another small private jet company prior to joining Blink, although this was more established and had more staff in place when I joined. Because Blink was in its infancy in December 2008 when I started, there has been a huge growth in staffing levels, almost doubling over the year. There has also been times when Blink have had to make changes to its plans to adjust to perhaps market conditions, and this means that as an employee you never get bored and it keeps you on your toes!

What is the most challenging part of being an HR Manager?

I guess the most challenging thing about my job is that you never quite know what might come up during the course of a day. However that also makes it interesting for me. I thrive on something out of the ordinary happening and when you’re dealing with people all of the time something usually does!

What can jobseekers do to increase their chances of getting an interview with Blink?

The first thing to do is to keep an eye on our website as we will always update this when we need to recruit staff. In all of our staff, from our pilots to our Ops team, to our Director of Engineering, we look for people who have a real understanding of what customer service is all about. Secondly, but just as important, they have to have a passion and belief in the Company. Enthusiasm is absolutely key.

Is Blink expanding?

The growth of the business during 2009 was tremendous. We almost doubled in size, due to both demand and the number of aircraft coming on line. We went from just two aeroplanes at the start of the year to seven by September. The growth this year has been slower – we have recruited a new Head of Finance and a Sales person and will continue to recruit for very specific roles. We anticipate that 2011 will again be a growth time as we plan to take delivery of more aircraft. It may be that we open more hubs outside of the UK which will be an interesting time again for the Company.

What does Blink look for in potential pilots?

As I’ve hinted before, customer service skills are paramount in our pilots as they look after our customers on their flights. We also like to meet pilots who have worked for other business jet operators as they are very familiar with working in a non-scheduled environment, where trips can come up or change made at the very last minute. Therefore flexibility is a must.

I’m a university student looking for a summer job, are there potential opportunities to gain work experience?

The summer months are certainly our busiest time of year so there are possibilities of working for Blink, particularly in the Flight Services Department. However these areas require a particular skill set to make the three months useful and certainly if people have got a pilot qualification, or are sales oriented they have more of a chance of being successful in obtaining a temporary role. As the Company grows further there may be more opportunities in other departments. Again we will advertise this on our website.

Is previous aviation experience a pre-requisite for working at Blink?

In some departments this is certainly true. However we do have a number of people who have come from other industries and therefore bring other skills with them. It is good to have a mix of experience within the Company.

Since Blink is a start-up, is HR more difficult than at an established Company?

It is certainly more unpredictable and therefore has different challenges. However I wouldn’t say it is any more difficult than working for an established Company.

How have the HR processes evolved as Blink has grown?

When I joined there were a few basic policies and procedures in place. As the Company has grown, we have obviously developed and formalised these. A Company Handbook is important for our employees as it sets the theme for their employment going forward and we now have this in place.

Since HR is like dealing with family issues at work and you have young children at home, do you ever get any free time to enjoy yourself?

My life at home is just as busy as my work life, but I am very lucky to be able to work part time. Blink is very flexible with me and I also try to work days convenient to the Company.
I have 3 children between the ages of 8 and 17 so most of my time is spent as a taxi service for all of their interests, and standing on the touchline of a football field or dance show cheering them on!

Interview with Blink’s Flight Services Supervisor

Delivering service

Blink’s goal is to provide a cost effective travel solution that helps to optimise your valuable time – but not at the expense of a satisfying and enjoyable experience. Our astute and dedicated Flight Services team is here to make the process of ‘hiring a Blink air taxi’ simple and hassle free. They will work with you to understand your requirements and provide you with the best value for money solution.

Rebecca Goff, Blink’s Flight Services Supervisor, ensures that Blink delivers its high level of customer service.

What attracted you to Blink?

Working at a small, dynamic start-up company was a challenge that I couldn’t resist. Working for Blink has given me the chance to learn many aspects of the business that I would never have had the opportunity to be involved in at a larger organisation. The atmosphere and culture and Blink is a unique one. The age range of the team provides the much needed experience to the innovative thinking of the younger members of the team.

How do you define exceptional customer service?

Providing a stress-free, seamless service from booking to post flight. We are on hand 24/7 so that or clients always feel they are being taken of.

What is the most difficult part of your job?

Without a doubt that most difficult part is advising a passenger of an issue that is out of my control. Whether that be a slot delay, a weather issue or inconsiderate Icelandic Volcanoes! When there is nothing I can do to help the passenger, it is very frustrating. In this situation we will always ensure we provide the most up to date information and make sure we take any possible action to minimize any disruption to their day.

Why do you call the customer service team “Flight Services”?

We don’t feel that Customer Services really captures all that we can offer our clients. Everyone on the team has a background in Operations as well as Customer Service which helps us provide a more efficient service. We think it is important that we are all able to assist on a technical level and can therefore advise the limitations of an operation. Although we don’t like to decline any request we feel it’s important that we manage our clients’ expectations.

Blink places the Customer at the centre of everything we do. That must create a lot challenges for you. How do you meet the high expectations placed upon you?

In any situation I face I always try and think as the customer would. How would I feel about a slot delay or what would I like Blink to do to make my life easier? Whether that’s being on hand to order some ground transport on arrival or maybe letting a passenger know that the weather’s not looking too clever for a flight the next day. I’ll try to be ahead of the game and update clients with any information that may impact their day.

How do you ensure that all members of the Flight Services team deliver the same level and calibre of service?

We have a very close knit team in Flight Services. Communication is very important to ensuring anyone who answers the phone is fully briefed to help whoever is calling. A benefit of being a relatively small operation is we are all able to keep track of every flight and therefore supply the personal level of service that really makes the difference.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Spending time with my friends and family takes priority when I’m not at work. I also like swimming and watching my local football team with the rest of my family.

What’s it’s like to work at Blink?

It’s certainly never boring! Every day is different and you never know what the day will hold when you walk into the office in the morning. I’m lucky enough to work with some great people. Despite the long and sometimes frustrating days, I can honestly say we laugh in the office every day!