Postcard – Tunis, Tunisia

Blink’s first flight to Tunisia – Sat 12 June 2010


Captain Dave Stoddart and First Officer Lee Barringer piloted Blink’s first flight to Tunisia.  They sent this postcard upon arrival in Ibiza.

We departed Geneva late morning with a planned flight time just under 2 hours and good weather forecast for the whole journey. Our route took us over the Alps and the Cote d’Azur, passing down the west coast of Corsica then down the length of Sardinia, overflying Cagliari and finally on towards the coastline of Tunisia.

It was a fairly typical hazy north African day but we had excellent views of some large resort hotels to the north of Tunis as we made our descent towards the airport about 30 miles further south. The runway in use for landing required us to fly over the top of the airport and then turn back and land towards the north. Air traffic control was as good as anywhere in Europe and the airport itself is well equipped with two long runways. Although neither of us had been to Tunis before, all the procedures for our approach and landing were as one would expect of modern airport. After landing, we were guided around to the general aviation terminal and promptly met by our handling agents, who then supplied us with fuel for the following day’s flight.

Although we only had a brief night in Tunis, the impression is of a relaxed and easygoing culture with a hint of its colonial French past. Most people we engaged with spoke good English and were very friendly. Tunisia in general seems fairly westernised and has a large established tourist industry spread over several resort areas, each of which is served by a modern airport. These include the island of Djerba in the south, Sfax and Monastir on the central east coast and brand new airport at Sousse about 200 km south of Tunis.

We departed the following morning for Ibiza, which took us west along the north coast of Algeria for about an hour before turning towards the Balearics.

Again, we had an enjoyable flight and the views from the Mustang at 40000 feet were superb.

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