Airport focus: In and out of Lugano

Known as the ‘Monte Carlo of Switzerland’, Lugano is located in the south of Switzerland and on the border with Italy. The city is situated on its own lake and lies between the legendary Lake Maggiore and Lake Como. In short, Lugano is the gateway to Europe’s most beautiful and glamourous lake-side destinations, from Bellagio to Villa d’Este, from Varenna to Isola Bella. A popular retreat for aristocrats and celebrities since Roman times, the lakes provide the most exclusive of romantic getaways. The only issue is how to get there without getting caught up in the crowd.

Fly direct with Blink

You could take a commercial airline to Milan and drive there…if you’re willing to put up with the airport scrum, the frequently delayed schedules, the potential lost bags, and then the 2 hour drive, traffic permitting. Or fly right there to Lugano, on one of the few jets capable of accesssing the city’s mountain-enclosed airport – Blink’s Mustang. Our aircraft’s best-in-class runway performance, and our captains’ superior training, can get a full complement of 4 passengers and luggage in and out all year long. A couple of hours from London, an hour from Paris, less from Geneva, and we’ll bring you here to explore more.

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Contact Blink Flight Services to book your next flight direct into Lugano.  Email them at or phone them at +44 (0)20 7199 1400.

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