Why two Blink jets are better than one larger non-Blink jet

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had numerous conversations with clients and prospective clients who wanted to charter a Blink jet but needed to travel with 6 to 8 people.  These clients lamented that Blink only flies a four-seat jet, the Cessna Citation Mustang.


Two jet math: four plus four equals eight
What most people don’t realise is that it is possible to charter two (or more) Blink jets to transport more than 4 people together.  In fact, not only is it possible, but it’s also cheaper: the cost of flying a larger group in two Blink jets is typically less expensive than chartering one larger, 8-seat aircraft.

In addition to the cost advantages, there are also scheduling and productivity advantages.  With two aircraft, the planes can depart or return at different times to accommodate different travellers’ schedules.

The Blink fleet flying together
A few examples of instances when Blink clients have taken multiple Blink jets for larger groups:

  • A group of eight flew to a summer home in Mahon on two Blink aircraft down from London.  Both aircraft left at the same time Friday afternoon with one aircraft returning on Sunday evening and the other on Monday afternoon.

  • A property company regularly uses three Blink jets to fly from London to the Channel Islands for board meetings.  Moving 12 directors to Guernsey is a scheduling challenge for the company, not to mention that the directors live on all sides of London.  Blink enables the directors to use 3 aircraft that are conveniently located to the directors’ homes.  One aircraft departs from Farnborough, one aircraft from Luton, and one aircraft from Biggin Hill.  Reduced commuting times give the directors more productive time in Jersey for their business. Multiple Blink jets also enable the directors to comply with their corporate governance policy which restricts the number of directors who are able to travel together on a single aircraft.

  • A construction and tooling firm took six passengers on two planes from London to Jerez, Spain.  Originally the two planes were going to depart together on a Wednesday with one returing on Friday evening and the second on Saturday afternoon.  Shortly before the scheduled departure, the passengers learned that they needed to take a piece of tooling with them.  Instead of delaying all the passengers, the first aircraft departed while the second waited for the tooling to arrive.  The first passengers were able to make their meeting and tooling arrived about an hour later.

Taking off with a larger group
I’ve outlined a few examples of the advantages that travelling together with multiple jets can provide. Blink Flight Services is available to discuss your travel needs and advise you on what makes most sense for your journey.

If you do have a specific need for a larger aircraft than a Blink jet, we are able to work with our network of approved partners to charter larger aircraft such as a Citation CJ2+, a Citation XLS+, a Learjet 40/45 XR or long-haul Gulfstreams.

Next time you have more than four people travelling, be sure to ask us about how Blink could help you be more productive.

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