Blink takes delivery of our 5th Cessna Mustang G-FBKA

Cessna has completed the assembly and build of Citation Mustang 510-0096 which has become G-FBKA, the 5th plane to join the Blink fleet.

Thanks to Cessna, we can watch as 510-0096 is assembled at the Cessna factory in Kansas. You’ll see the arrival of pieces of the fuselage, their assembly together, the joining of the wings, and the assembly of the Garmin 1000 based flight deck.

Once the plane has been assembled and tested by Cessna, the Blink team heads to out to Kansas to further inspect the plane, take delivery of the aircraft, and depart for the journey from Kansas back to London.

Featured in this album are:

  • Chris Allan – Blink First Officer
  • Ian Finch – Blink Director of Engineering
  • Warren Hazelby – Blink Air Safety Advisor
  • Joe O’Rourke – Cessna Customer Account Manager

If you enjoy this, be sure to check out Blink’s other photos and videos.

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