Ways to Blink

The Blink Foresight Card

Our exceptional value advance purchase programme

The Blink Foresight card offers 50 hours of flight time on our fleet of class-leading Cessna Citation Mustang aircraft. You can use the flight time, for business or leisure, across our pan-European network of over 600 convenient airports.

Like a debit card for European private air travel, you ‘deposit’ 50 hours of flight time into your Foresight Account and then you ‘spend’ your hours when you need them. In return for advance payment you are guaranteed all these benefits.

If your flights usually start or end at one of Blink's hub airports (London, Paris, Geneva, Nice, Milan, Jersey) then the Blink Foresight Card can represent a significant saving over ad-hoc charter or other Jet Cards.

If you regularly fly from different destinations, and aren't clost to a Blink hub, why not take a look at our Blink Freedom Card?

Reasons to choose the Blink Foresight Card

Remarkably low prices

The only way to fly cheaper is to buy your own plane. Blink Foresight Card prices are up to 20% less expensive than our Blink Taxi fares and, when compared to an average competing jet card, our Foresight Card is 40-50% cheaper for One-Way journeys and 60-70% cheaper for Day Returns.

Zero-cost taxiing time

Unlike other jetcard programmes that charge you for every minute you are aboard, at Blink we only charge for flight time, so the time you spend taxiing around an airport before take-off and after landing is absolutely free.

Lowest price guarantee

If we run a promotional offer that coincides with your flight – and the offer is lower than your Foresight Card fare – we will charge you the lower price.

No extra charges

With ordinary jetcards, you won’t know the true cost of your journey until after you have flown – and their fares can vary, depending on the wind conditions and the actual route taken on the day.

At Blink, you know exactly how much your journey will cost before you fly – and the price won’t change even if you’re re-routed by air traffic control or slowed by bad weather. Guaranteed.

Improved Availability

As a reward for your commitment, Foresight Card holders benefit from preferential access to Blink’s fleet.


Affordable overnights


When you stay overnight, most jetcards charge for two One-Way flights.

Our unique ‘Simple Overnight’ fares make one-night stop-overs a much more attractive option.


Referral rewards

Spread the word. We’ll give you two free flight hours – worth £3,100 (€4,200) – for every new Foresight Card client you introduce.


Blink flies to over 600 destinations across Europe. Find the most convenient airport for your journey with our Airport Locator.

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